Recycling of marine slops,
crude sludge and used oils

Recycling of marine slops, crude sludge and used lubricating oils
Main highlights of recycling technology by BBS:
  • No long term sedimentation time (4 weeks) is required and amount of tanks for processing can be reduced because it
  • Efficiency in terms of time of recycling process (4 weeks less than regular processing)
  • Reduction of costs of recycling as land and sedimentation tanks in port areas (which are usually expensive) are excluded from necessary infrastructure
  • Large recycling capacities
  • Reuse of oils and water received as a result of recycling
  • Meets all EU technical and safety standards/regulations
  • Provides an attractive period of ROI
  • Only water based and biodegradable chemicals used – eco-friendly process

Technology successfully tested and used 2017-2018 in Estonian port.

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  • Marine slops (bilge water, used lubricants, tanker tanks washing water)
  • Crude sludge
  • Used lubricants
  • Used engine oils
  • Industrial oils (transformer and cutting oils etc.) and solvents
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Up to 97% of oil available in feedstock can be separated and cleaned completely to standard quality oil products for reuse as it’s original purpose.

Instead of primitive processes of the sedimentation of waste oils, which to this day are used by various recycling companies, we adopt an innovative approach where such waste oil is processed in a so-called closed system without expensive refining or hydro-treatment process. In the EU Waste Directive, such wastes are listed under codes 13 01-13 05 and 16-07. Our technology ensures the optimal and efficient processing of waste oils – those oils are cleaned and recycled up to to the high quality standard oil products which can be used without attracting additional processing.

Marine slops before and after treatment

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Advantages of recycling technology

  • The advanced Technologies, provided by BBS, developed in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology, allow successful handling of mixtures of water and oils that are diverse and complex in composition, as well as their emulsions, which could not cope with other existing processing processes. Treatment includes physical and chemical processing in closed system of special equipment which results the separation of oil and water and removal of metals (Al, Si, Zn, P, Ca)  and ash from separated oils.
  • Largest production capacity: up to 30 + MT of input feedstock per hour.
  • Easily adaptable to existing waste oil processing plant.
  • Highest possible quality of end products – standard bunkering fuels (ISO 8217:2017) VLSFO ≤ 0,10%, VLSFO ≤ 0,50%, IFO380 3,5%, IFO180 3.5%, standard crude oil, clean reusable base oil.
  • Portable, easily transportable equipment: up to 30 + MT of input feedstock per hour processing modular equipment fits into a 20-ft sea container(-s) setup.
  • Best energy efficiency for processing.
  • Usage of specially developed by Best Blue Solutions Ltd. water based and biodegradable chemical components/recepies for processing only.
  • Installation, equipment and process of recycling fully comply with EU standards and the highest technical safety requirements.
  • After treatment, any remaining water can be cleaned in a classic urban wastewater treatment system and returned to nature.
  • Technology is cost–effective which allows sale of received from treatment quality standard oils with reasonable discount from world prices.
  • Standard industrial equipment components (decanters, separators, pumps etc.) with special modifications, designed by Best Blue Solutions Ltd. are needed as parts of modular processing equipment.
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Customers for recycling of marine slops,
crude sludge and used lubricating oils:

  • Companies that collect and recycle marine slops, used oils and crude sludges
  • Bunkering companies
  • Crude oil Exploration and Production companies
  • Refineries
  • Crude traders
  • Companies trading or using industrial lubricating oils
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